Friday, May 31, 2013

The Best Book I have read this Millennium

"Heaven on Earth" -- The BEST Book I have read this Millennium

A Review by Wade Burleson

I do not know and have never met author Alan Streett. I was given this book as a gift. My library is filled with nearly 10,000 antiquarian theological books from which I have received a great deal of spiritual encouragement--much more than anything I've received from modern theological works. For me, Alan Streett has hit the proverbial homerun in terms of writing a book that can be devoured like ice cream, but satisfies like steak. I could not put the book down. I've already ordered over a dozen and am giving them away as gifts. Our men's groups are using this book for their small group study, and we are introducing it to women small groups next month. I would like to briefly give the top seven reasons why I am naming this the best book I've read this millennium.

(1). Heaven on Earth takes the concept of the kingdom of God from the Garden of Eden in Genesis to the Tree of Life in Revelation and gives the finest survey of the subject from the biblical text I've ever read. The survey makes sense--biblical, logical, rational sense. The light goes on for the reader.

(2). Heaven on Earth is easy to read without being puerile (childish), serendipitous, or (for lack of a better word) silly. Most modern theological books aimed at the layman have style without substance, but Dr. Streett has managed to bring a reading style into an astonishing depth of substance that is uncommon for this generation.

(3). Heaven on Earth destroys the teaching of a truncated gospel so often heard in modern evangelicalism without attacking or impugning people who may be living a Christian life believing a warped gospel. In other words, Heaven on Earth corrects without chastising, straightens without slamming, and deconstructs error without denigrating those in error.

(4). Heaven on Earth gives the reader an ability to understand that the kingdom of God is given to us to be enjoyed and experienced now, not just then (heaven). The knowledge that there is supposed to be enjoyment of the love of the King while living in His kingdom on earth NOW transforms the reader from a church going religious person waiting for heaven into a Christ-honoring relational person transforming the church.

(5). Heaven on Earth takes the phrases "kingdom of God" and "kingdom of heaven" and makes them so stunning in meaning, they turn out be phrases often repeated by the reader in his Christian walk.

(6). Heaven on Earth convinces Christians that the King is to be personally heard NOW, so that the reign of Christ in the life of a believer becomes the focus of Christianity. In short, Heaven on Earth creates a desire in the reader to be an ambassador for his or her King--not theoretically, but practically.

(7). Heaven on Earth is like a key that opens the door to a vision of the kingdom that astonishes the key holder. The book is saturated with Scripture, heavy in history (albeit written in a captivating style), but most importantly, it targets the believer at the core of his or her soul. By that I mean, you read Heaven on Earth and it is like the powerful presence of the King of Kings begins to take up residence--I mean REALLY takes up residence--in the little piece of earth of the person (the earth vessel or clay jar) who reads it. The treasure of the gospel becomes truly a treasure within.

In short, Heaven on Earth presents the gospel in the fullest sense of the word since men like C.S. Lewis and his mentor George McDonald wrote of the transforming power of the kingdom on earth in the early 1900's and early 1800's respectively. Yet, Dr. Street does not use imagery or allegory like those two amazing authors--he uses Scripture. People like me who are not as visual or artistic as Lewis and McDonald have longed for a writer to capture the essence of the kingdom of God on earth in language that is rational, logical, and most importantly, supremely biblical. Dr. R. Alan Streett, Professor of Biblical Exegesis at Criswell College in Dallas, Texas has done it.

Buy the book. You will NOT be disappointed.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Patriotism versus Nationalism: What is the Difference?

According to Acts 17:26, God places each of us on earth at a specific time and place. On this basis alone we should love and care for our respective countries. This is the essence of Patriotism.  Nationalism, on the other hand, expresses itself in the motto, "My country right or wrong." This was the mistake most Germans made under Hitler. The real patriots-those who truly loved their country-opposed him. 

As blogger Joseph Peter Becker writes, "[God] clearly expects us to be good stewards of the things he has given us. Being conspicuously concerned for the well-being of my nation is a good thing. The difference between Patriotism and Nationalism, as I understand it, lies in how we live out that concern. To the degree that my nation is walking in the light, I must be her priest, and stand with her before God. That's Patriotism. But to the degree that my nation strays from the light, I must be her prophet, and stand aloof from her, with the Word of God in my mouth. That's not easy, but it's necessary. Any time [we] stand with her as Priest, when we ought to be challenging her as a Prophet, we have fallen into Nationalism."

John Armstrong Interacts with HEAVEN ON EARTH

Well-known blogger and founder of Act 3 Network, John Armstrong, begins a four-day conversation with my book "Heaven on Earth." You can access it at:

Read, comment and share with friends. This is the only way word about the book will reach the masses, since the publisher is not spending $$$ on advertising.

Friday, May 24, 2013


POTUS urges the press corp to read "Heaven on Earth" and recommends that they publicize the book far and wide.

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Testimony: Tough as Nails

I mentioned I have received several reports from people who have been helped by reading “Heaven on Earth.” Here is one I heard about just yesterday:

Elle is highly skilled architect and one of the few women in a field dominated by men. Her immediate boss is a woman with a type-A personality who has advanced into an executive position- a real rarity. She is tough as nails. Elle was presenting a report to the corporate big wigs, when Miss “Nails” cut her off in midstream and accused her in front of everyone for doing a poor job. It brought the presentation to an abrupt halt! 

Elle was devastated. She was ready to hand in her resignation the next day. That night as she read the “Heaven on Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God in the Here and Now,” she was emotionally overcome when she realized, “Jesus is my King. He is in charge of my universe, and not Miss Nails!” She knelt by her bed and prayed, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

The next morning at work, Nails summoned Elle to her office. Suspecting the worst, Elle didn’t want to face her boss or receive another tongue lashing. A colleague literally had to push her toward the office door. When Elle entered, Nails stood up immediately with outstretched arms and wholeheartedly asked for forgiveness. She was transformed overnight! As they hugged and were reconciled, Elle whispered to herself, “Jesus, you really are King. You have everything under control.”

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


In 1937, Hitler called upon all German clergy and churches to support his vision for Germany and to give him full allegiance. NT scholar Ernst Kasemann defied Hitler and preached from Isaiah 26.13, “O Lord our God, other lords besides thee have ruled over us, but thy name alone we acknowledge.” Kasemann labeled Hitler’s demand as idolatry and called for German Christians to resist. As a result, the Gestapo arrested and imprisoned Kasemann. During his confinement, he wrote a biblical critique of Nazism that was published as “Hebrews: The Wandering People of God” in which he identified the church as a pilgrim community with no earthly fatherland. Rather than seeking peace with society, he contended that the church must be a community in conflict with society.

Book on Shelf at Mardel's

Dr. Gosnell Avoids Death

Today, Dr. Gosnell, abortionist and convicted murderer gave up his right of appeal that he might gain a life sentence and escape death. Unfortunately he didn’t give his unborn victims the same option. Instead of a life sentence, they got the death penalty.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Baptism is the repentant believer’s pledge of allegiance to King Jesus and speaks of one’s submission to Jesus as Lord. As such, it should be taken seriously. Baptism is a call to count the cost before following Christ. Unfortunately, few approach baptism in this manner. In time, their commitment wanes and they fall by the wayside. I doubt many of these same persons would ever get baptized if they knew they were going be submerged in indelible ink instead of water, maybe a deep crimson ink that demonstratively marked them for life.


GEZA VERMES passed away last week (1924-2013). I had one personal encounter with the renowned Oxford scholar. In 2011, he agreed to an interview with Criswell Theological Review (CTR), which I edited at the time, on the subject of the Jewish roots of the NT. I sent him twelve questions, dealing with a range of topics from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Jewish roots of the gospel. I opened with a question about his own spiritual journey from Judaism to Catholicism and back to Judaism. To my surprise Vermes responded with a scathing email cancelling the interview and charging that I was trying to trap him and make him look foolish. I fact, I had just completed reading his autobiography PROVIDENTIAL ACCIDENTS and thought our readers might be interested in his story. Despite my pleadings with him and assuring him I had the purist of motives, the venerable octogenarian stuck to his guns. As a result CTR subscribers were deprived of his insights.