Saturday, January 13, 2007


Kudos to Wipf and Stock publishers who plans to reprint nearly all of Oscar Cullmann's books, beginning with his classic CHRIST AND TIME. Cullmann, a premiere NT scholar in the mid-20th century, emphasized the concepts of "salvation history" and "Already/Not Yet" eschatology. Born in Germany in 1902, he lived until 1999. He taught at Basel and the Sorbonne. This reprint project will introduce Cullmann to an entire generation of scholars "who knew not Cullmann." Among Cullmann's more memorable works are:
  • Baptism in the New Testament
  • Christ and Time
  • The Christology of the New Testament
  • Early Christian Worship
  • Salvation in History
  • The Immortality of the Soul or the Resurrection of the Body: The Witness of the New Testament
  • The State in the New Testament
  • Jesus and the Revolutionaries
  • Peter


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Lee Wyatt said...

Is your dissertation on the Lord's Supper available on line or in published form? Sounds very intriguing to me.