Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Earthly Kingdom Then and Now

The Book of Genesis tells how God creates humans . . .

out of the earth
for the earth
to fill the earth
to rule over the earth
to be sustained by the earth, and
to return to the earth.

Where did we ever get the idea that we are meant for Heaven? Or that salvation is an escape from earth?

Yet, if you visit your favorite bookstore or shop online you will find a rash of books on Heaven. Most tell a fantastic story of a person who dies, leaves the body, passes through a tunnel of pure light, and finds themselves in Heaven where they meet Jesus, angels, saints, and deceased relatives. Invariably they return to earth to write about their experiences. These accounts are fanciful and closer to mythology than to reality.

Both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures speak of eternal life in earthly terms. If Heaven were such a fabulous place, why do we take such heroic measures to avoid death and cling to life on earth? Intuitively we know that we were meant for earth.

The thesis of HEAVEN ON EARTH is that “God’s kingdom is for the earth. It is for today. It is for you.”

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