Thursday, April 10, 2014

Newest Amazon Review of HEAVEN ON EARTH

Heaven on Earth outlines the Kingdom in a manner that is both theological dense and pragmatic - a rare quality. By J Lofton 
Frustrated with common explanations of biblical themes being reduced to powerless moral metaphors? Ready for the dots to be connected in a powerful, informative, and pragmatic method? Then Heaven on Earth is the next book for you to read.

Heaven on Earth strikes the balance between scholarly exploration and pragmatic actuation you would hope to find in any book on a Christian's bookshelf - however rare that may be to find. Striking that balance on such a central theme as the Kingdom is sure to make for a timeless resource for generations of Christians. Streett shines a light on the Kingdom, as explained in Scripture, in such a clear and concise method it feels as if the reader has drawn the conclusion apart from the author and just before the author makes the same point. Reading this book is more like having a conversation than rote reading.

Apart from the aesthetic fluidity of the writing, the content of the book highlights how a proper understanding of the Kingdom of God leaves no aspect of one's worldview untouched. I found this explanation personally refreshing as it relieved so many various, and seemingly unrelated, frustrations I've developed over the years both within the church and within mainstream Christian thought.

Heaven on Earth has quickly earned a place within the go-to books on my shelf. I cannot recommend this book more highly for both the young believer just starting out and for the seasoned veteran needing a refresher on the passion he or she once held. If the central theme of Jesus' ministry is that the "Kingdom is at hand", it would be wise to know what exactly is at hand and how that affects everything. From my personal desires to the role of relationships to the mission of the Church to death itself - the Kingdom leaves nothing untouched. To live for the King, one must have a thought on His Kingdom.

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