Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Friends at SBL

Got to see and talk with some of my favorite people at SBL meeting in San Diego: James Hill (former student and PhD candidate at Northwestern University), Ryan Stokes (Prof at Carson Newman), J. Brian Tucker (Prof at Moody Theo. Sem.), Chris Spinks (Editor at Cascade Books), William S. Campbell (my Doktorvater @ U of Wales), Kathy Ehrensperger (Prof @ Univ of Potsdam, Germany), Robert Brawley (Prof Emeritus, McCormick Theo Sem).

Some of those I missed seeing this year at SBL: Peter Davids, Chris Zoccali, Daniel Streett, Charles Seville, Ed Pillar, Everett Berry, David Burnett, Eugene Merrill. Maybe next year!

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