Saturday, January 25, 2020

Trump speaks at March for Life rally in DC

Yesterday, Donald Trump spoke at the National March for Life rally, the first President ever to do so. His supporters hailed him as our strongest pro life president in history. In reality, he cares little about protection of the unborn. He is more concerned about getting re-elected. Thus he must keep his “evangelical” base happy.

As David Fitch, professor of Northern Baptist Seminar,y pointed out,

“As a parent of a 14 yr old son, I must fight everything Donald J Trump promotes: pornography (via his flings), marital infidelity, mysogyny, the sexualizing of women, in short a culture which promotes promiscuous sex and objectifying of women, which leads to more and more abortion.”

Trump has been an advocate of abortion rights his entire adult life. His past actions and the fruit of a lifetime speak louder than his few hollow words. Don’t be duped by a man who has little or no moral compass. His words mean little.

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