Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Professor Bob Stewart's (NOBTS) endorsement of HEAVEN ON EARTH

"If the proclamation of the Kingdom of God was Jesus’ central message (and it was) then shouldn’t Christians today be concerned to understand and teach it? In Heaven on Earth Alan Streett explains in an understandable way, without being either shallow or needlessly technical, the meaning of “God’s Kingdom” in its original context, i.e., how Jesus, Paul, and other early Christians—and their adversaries—understood talk about God’s Kingdom.

"But that is not all. Streett also declares the significance of God’s Kingdom for Christians today. Jesus’ vision of God’s kingdom was of world-changing significance in the first-century—and it still is in the twenty-first century. Whether you agree with Streett or not, you need to read this book!"

Robert B. Stewart
Professor of Philosophy and Theology
Greer-Heard Professor of Faith and Culture
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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