Thursday, December 19, 2013


As I surveyed my yard for tree damage from the recent ice storm, I noticed several limbs were either cracked or broken. I thought to myself, "Trees were not meant to carry that much weight! They were designed to carry only the weight of leaves."

Likewise, we humans often carry more weight on our shoulders than we can handle. We weren't created to carry that much weight. When the burdens of life become too heavy for us, we are bound to crack. That's why we are instructed to cast our cares on Jesus. He alone is strong enough to carry the weight of the many.
And all believers are to instructed to come along side those laden with burdens to help them bear the load. When weight is distributed evenly among the many, it lightens the load for the few.
When was the last time you lifted a load off someone that was weighing them down?

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