Monday, January 27, 2014

New Series on the Kingdom of God

The Gospel of Mark opens, "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Messiah" (Mark 1:1). A few verses later it is described as "the gospel of other kingdom of God" (v 14). These are not two gospels, but one. The gospel is the good news about Messiah Jesus and God's kingdom. Unfortunately, in most circles today "Jesus" is preached without reference to his messianic role or to the kingdom of God.

We have departed so far from the authentic gospel that the difference is like night and day. If asked to give a definition of the gospel of the kingdom, most believers would be hard pressed to give an adequate response. Something is wrong with this picture!

Are we preaching "another gospel" that is not good news at all--a gospel of our own imagination or tradition? When we stand before God, how will we respond?

It is important that we study the scriptures and wrestle with the texts until we understand the essence of the gospel of the kingdom.

Join me on the journey. A good place to start is reading "Heaven on Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God in the Here and Now." Available from Amazon in pb or Kindle

New posts will follow.

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