Saturday, October 05, 2019

I earned my Masters of Divinity degree at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC). My professors included well-known scholars Dewey Beegle, L. Harold DeWolf, George Wesley Buchanan, Bruce Burch, Philip Wogaman, S. Paul Schilling, and C.  C. Goen.

Beegle was renown for his book Infallibility, which got him sacked from Asbury Seminary. He was one of the first evangelical scholars to reject inerrancy. DeWolf was Martin Luther King’s doctoral supervisor at Boston University before coming to Wesley. Schilling, a systematic theologian, was MLK’s second dissertation reader. Wogaman was author of the radical Guaranteed Annual Income and later served as pastor to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Burch was the new man in the faculty but soon rose to become Academic Dean and went on to author many books, including one with a Walter Brueggemann. Buchanan was a colorful character who dubbed himself a”hound dog” who followed the scent of truth wherever it led. He studied the Jewish roots of Christianity and published extensively with Brill. Goen was the lone Baptist among Methodists. A graduate with two PhDs (one from of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and one from Yale University), he was leading American historian and expert on Jonathan Edwards and revivalism in colonial New England published mainly with Yale University Press.

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