Monday, June 10, 2013

Blogger Michael Bird Recommends "Heaven on Earth"

My friend Alan Streett, Research Professor at Criswell College, has written a useful introduction to the meaning and relevance of the kingdom of God to Christian life. This book is well informed about empire studies, voluntary associations in the ancient world, the Christus Victor model of the atonement, use of Psalm 110 in the early church, and more.                                                                                                                          Man, I wish more dispensationalists read the Book of Daniel the way that Streett does! He makes great points about the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom, some controversial comments about flags in churches, an openness to modern miracles, a useful exposition of the sermon on the mount, and many useful practical points too.  
My only quibble is that I wish Streett would have imbibed a bit of Graham Goldsworthy. Otherwise, a very good introduction to the kingdom of God, wish I could send one to every dispensationalist I know!

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