Sunday, June 30, 2013

Born Again to What End?

John 3 is another often misinterpreted passage. Jesus tells to Nicodemus he must be born again NOT to enter HEAVEN, but to enter the “KINGDOM OF GOD” (vv 3‒6) and then goes on to equate the kingdom with “eternal life” (vv 15‒16). All Jews like would understand eternal life to be a reference to the kingdom to come at the end of the age and not to the release of the soul at death.

How have we gotten things so mixed up? We must once again begin to preach the authentic gospel -- the gospel of the kingdom of God.
Read more about the kingdom in "Heaven on Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God in the Here and Now" (Harvest House), available at, Mardels, CBD, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores. 

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