Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A Pastor's Dilemma Over the Kingdom

In this letter, a minister who read my book HEAVEN ON EARTH and follows me on Facebook expresses his excitement over the kingdom, but also his frustration over what to do next.

How would you respond? I think it might help others.

Dr. Streett,

I was absolutely thrilled to hear of the healing testimony that was birthed out of the truths of the Kingdom in your book! I am rejoicing with you over the fruit. To God be the glory!

God is transforming me with these truths. I am discovering the Kingdom, declaring the Kingdom, and longing with all my heart to demonstrate the Kingdom!

All this has not come without heartache, however. I am finding myself at a place of discontentment with much of modern American Christianity and the state of the church. Some days I just want to leave my job at the church and start a new work or just go live the Kingdom in a place where it is not being lived. In my home state, it seems that religion has a choke hold on the church. I feel the urge to run from everything that has the "form but not power."

It's like the Kingdom has caused a "revolution" in my mind and heart! I don't want to respond the wrong way to the truths God is revealing to me. But I don't want to waste my energy going through the motions either.

What advice would you give to pastors like myself who are dealing with this inner struggle?


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