Monday, February 10, 2014

More Positive Reviews

I recently received two unsolicited tweets, which were very encouraging:

"Heaven on Earth is tremendous." Daniel Harding

"Just finished Alan Streett's excellent book "Heaven on Earth. Wonderful look @ Kingdom of God, rich in Scripture." Randy Chestnut

I am thrilled how my book has been received thus far. It is the culmination of a decade of research and contemplation, and tested against real life experience. The book carries on where Dallas Willard left off, but is more biblical and less philosophical. If this book does not ring your bell and get your theological juices to flow, then you don't have a kingdom bone in your body.

"Heaven on Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God in the Here and Now" is a game changer. It is biblical. theological, and historical, as well as Missional, transformational and local-church focused. It includes an intentional blending of the scholarly and the practical, and is written at a popular level.

You might be able to build an entire Church planting movement on this book alone.

Order today on Amazon. Download in Kindle/eBook and start reading in 45 seconds--instant gratification and the beginning of an exciting journey toward the kingdom!

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